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Being in the military is a point of pride and honor. But, darn it, sometimes we all just need a little extra help! That’s where San Clemente Military Family Outreach steps in. Our entire Mission is based upon providing support and emergency assistance to military members and their dependents, especially young families stationed at the northwest area of Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base.
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SCMFO Helping Families

Helping Your Family

SCMFO will help your family in any way that is within our means to provide assistance:
  • Dental and Medical and Emergency Assistance, including medically required appliances
  • Automobile Assistance:
    • Gas, Tires, Batteries, Repairs
  • Household Assistance:
    • Groceries, Diapers, Formula, Cleaning Supplies, etc.

Our Professionals

Our In-Take Professionals will discuss the following with you in a confidential setting:
  • Confirmation of Military Status:
    • Camp Pendleton Base with a current military ID and typically a rank of E6 or below
  • Conversation with you to assess your needs:
    • To determine the best course of action to meet your immediate needs.
  • Ascertain what type of Assistance SCMFO can provide:
    • In-office supplies: Food, items for infants or children or pre-paid debit card to commissary or MCX
    • External Vendors - After two estimates have been obtained for urgent needs identified to be within our financial means – We work with you to make a direct vendor payment after services have been rendered. In several instances we have preferred vendors.
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